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We thank and praise God for all who have heard about our fellowship and pray for God to bless what we are called to do in the Kingdom. We honor those who have worked with us in any endeavor for our aim is to introduce Christ to the world and to build the Kingdom of God on this earth.

All applicants must comply with the tenets below to become a part of this Fellowship:

  • Pastors must be held to a high moral, ethical and religious standard
    (as spelled out in Holy Scripture), and Bishops to an even higher set
    of standards (as spelled out in Holy Scripture). Pastors and Bishops
    must be experienced and mature Christians and those who are
    Bishops must be an exceptionally mature individual with a proven
    history of ministry at increasingly higher and more difficult levels in the
    Christian Faith.
  • The applicant church and pastor must have a good reputation in their
    community and agree to come under spiritual appoint authority in
    matters where the Fellowship is represented and concerned.
  • We believe that all Christians who know and accept the historical Jesus of the Holy Bible can agree on the essential tenets of the Faith. We
    choose to believe that we can have unity around the essentials even
    though there is not uniformity in how we do some things and/or our
    forms of ministry.
  • Realize that all churches that are a part of the Fellowship are
    autonomous and governed by their own pastor, officers, constitution,
    bylaws, and other authority developed, approved, and put in place by
    its own officers and membership.
  • Licensed Ministers must have a letter of recommendation from their

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