Men's Ministry

Iron Sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Proverbs 27:17
And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12


Bishop Patterson's primary purpose of the FBC Men's Ministry is a no nonsense approach to build and advance Christ-centered fellowship and accountability toward God by building obedience, stewardship, discipleship and leadership that will further fulfill other ministries and stabilize the families of First Baptist Church of Sterling.  Bishop Patterson is aware of the crisis in the our Families, of single parent households, however, by giving our men a strong foundation established in the Word of God they will be equipped to be productive in Society as well as their family lives.

The vision of the Bishop Patterson for First Baptist Church Men's Ministry is to establish a Ministry of Excellence that teaches Men, both Single and Married the principles of the Word of God and connects them to their identity, purpose and mission as men in the body of Christ, Family and Society.

The goals of the First Baptist Church Men's Ministry include:
  • Provide Spiritual Growth and Development - This Ministry will ensure each man within the Fist Baptist Church of Sterling correctly understands his Godly identity and purpose. We will provide plans and instructions that challenge the members of the Men's Ministry how to carry this out based on OBEDIENCE toward the Word of God.
  • Provide Support - This Ministry will create a safe atmosphere that fosters encouragement and emotional bonds of trust. No judgment, no blame. None one is perfect. Time will quickly show that others are dealing with or overcome similar situations.
  • Develop a spiritual readiness - This Ministry should build up and prepare the men of First Baptist Church of Sterling to become participants and leaders of other ministries. Men that are spiritually prepared to react quickly and serve at all times versus an unresponsive attitude that shows a man with a conflicting character.
  • Lead men to spiritual maturity - This Ministry should ensure the men of First Baptist Church of Sterling understand their purpose and are equipped to defend themselves while utilizing Godly principles.
  • Create a leadership resource - This Ministry will ensure the men of First Baptist Church of Sterling become the mold of leadership versus what is presented by the world. Lifestyle changes should create questions from others and power their desire to become Christ minded.

Standing Meeting Times:

Meeting Type Frequency Day Time
Ministry Meeting Bi-Weekly Monday 7:30pm

How to enroll & participate:
1. Complete the contact form below to request a Ministry Enrollment Form
2. Plan to attend weekly sessions
3. Serve in a Ministry faithfully and diligently
4. Visit the website often to stay informed
5. Be a role model to the next generation

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